Hope Donation

"Donating my used clothing is great becuase, I get to reclaim space in my closet and I know that it is going to a good cause and helping people in need. Since it is tax deductible, I also get a break on my taxes."
— Chad G.
Desoto, TX

Captain Hope's Kids (CHK) was founded in 1989 as The Hope Foundation for the Homeless. Our original mission was to provide emergency grants to shelters for critical operating needs. During the 1990s a disturbing trend emerged: Mothers with babies and children became one of the fastest-growing segments of the homeless population. In addition, more babies were being born into homelessness. In response to this problem, the Hope Foundation's Board of Directors chose to focus its resources toward helping homeless children in North Texas.

In 1994 we changed our name to Captain Hope's Kids and changed our mission to meeting the critical needs of homeless children.

The number of homeless adults with children has gone up in recent years. When all categories of homeless or at risk people are included, 54 % were women and children. The families with children have been increasing, up 36 % since 2010. On any given night in the DFW area, a nine year old will arrive at a shelter with his mother or father. This is why your help is important.

Through our programs, events and partnerships, we aim to better the lives of every homeless child in North Texas, and eventually the rest of the United States. We are the only organization of our kind, which is why donations of goods, time and money are so important — because we can help children everywhere, and so can you.